Exalogic has developed XBET, a complete and technologically advanced platform for managing online games. XBET manages both the physical game (points of sale) that the electronic game (internet). The platform is fully customizable and all features can be enabled or disabled depending on the chosen configuration. The platform has been approved by certification authorities qualified by AAMS such as:

  • GLI
  • NMI

The game products certified and approved by AAMS are:

  • PSQF (fixed odds sports betting)
  • PSR (sports betting totalizator and horse racing)
  • PSIP (betting totalizator on horse racing)
  • PCP (sport contests prediction)
  • PSV (virtual bet)
  • PGAD (protocol of gaming accounts)
  • PGDA (protocol poker, casino, skill)

The XBET platform features are:

  • Totally real-time system
  • High performances
  • Infrastructure scalability
  • Advanced use of telecommunications
  • Different types of device serviced (physical terminals, self-service, web, mobile)

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