XTAG is the game terminal for the agencies of horse racing and sports betting. XTAG is based on a standard hardware pc-based with a touch LCD monitor specifically projected for cash point applications, with an extremely solid base and a functional, attractive and ergonomic design. XTAG uses printers specifically designed for the game activities and bets with the following characteristics:

  • Thermal printing
  • Resolution 203 dpi

Printer head with high quality and long duration

  • Printing speed 120mm/sec HQ, 180mm/sec normal, 230mm/sec HS
  • Character set
  • PC437, PC850, PC860, PC863, PC865, PC858 (euro); chinese fonts available (BIG5, GB2312)
  • Width paper 80mm / 82,5mm 
  • Roll dimension max Ø 152mm
  • Emulation ECS/POS(tm)
  • Interface RS232/USB

XTAG allows the use of a scanner “A4 Custom”.

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