Today the infrastructure IT is an essential service for a gaming licensee.

For this reason it is essential to minimize the occurrence of disservice and service interruptions which would cause considerable economic losses.

Our monitoring system allows to control the situation of the entire IT infrastructure about server, network and device (for example routers that do not work, locked server, insufficient space disk on the server, criticality of the ram, overheating of equipment, line breaks, etc.).

The monitoring system as soon as it identifies the criticality, it triggers an alerting system via sms or mail in order to allow a more rapid intervention and, consequently, a reduction down systems.

The economic impact of a possible system crash will be so minimized.

For the implementation of these monitoring systems, we use both applications developed by  Exalogic that tools taken from the open source world for a significant reduction in start up costs, ensuring high standards of quality and reliability of service.

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